Study in Canada

Get inspired by studying in Canada!

Student permits allow individuals to learn in Canada no matter the type of training – It can be for a short period of time in English or French, or for a post-secondary education program.

Canada’s educational system is one of the best in the world and welcomes students from all backgrounds with any interest. International students in Canada receive quality education that prepares them in their pursuit of professional endeavors.

Studying in Canada is also an entry point for possible permanent residence in the future for those who want to become permanent residents after their graduation.

The first step to studying in Canada is to select an institution and secure admission.

At Canada DIVERSA IMMIGRATION Solutions, we can assist you in finding the right institution to suit your educational goals.

Off-Campus Work Permit

Full-time students who are enrolled in a designated post-secondary institution can work part-time off-campus with an off-campus work visa. This work permit allows for foreign students to work up to 20 hours per week for any employer in any occupation.

The benefit of this work visa is to allow students to gain Canadian work experience that will become a positive aspect to an application for permanent residence down the road.

Post graduate work permit

The post-graduate work permit provides students who have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution with the opportunity to gain work experience in Canada in their related field of study. This work permit allows recent graduates to work a duration of time that is equal to the length of his/her study program, up to three years.

If you are interested in studying in Canada and/or would like to apply for a work permit, contact us to discuss your eligibility.