Invest in your future by choosing Ontario or Saskatchewan

This program is for multinational firms who want to establish or expand their business in Canada. It allows for key executives, managers and employees to work in the firm.

This business immigration program is for applicants who are employers and that are able and willing to make an investment and create permanent full-time positions in Canada.

There are currently two Provincial Nominee Investor Immigration programs available in the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan.

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program – Multinational Investor

This business immigration program is for companies that will make an investment in Ontario. To qualify for this program, a company must:

• Make an investment of $3 million CDN in Ontario.

• Create at least 5 full-time jobs. A detailed description of each nominee position must be submitted with the application.

The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program Large Scale Investor program is for applicants who will make an important investment in Saskatchewan. This investment will lead to job creation and economic development in Saskatchewan.

To qualify, a foreign national must:

• Make a minimum investment of $10 million CDN.

• Show that the net worth was legally obtained, and satisfy the requirement of business experience.

• Intent to reside and invest in Saskatchewan.

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