A business in Quebec.  An investment in your quality of life…

Quebec has the authority to establish its own immigration laws and regulation for immigration to its province. Therefore, The Quebec Immigration System is not a Provincial Nominee Program. Flowing from the Canada-Quebec Accord, the Quebec provincial government has greater control than other provincial governments with respect to the selection of immigrants destined for Quebec. The province of Quebec selects immigrants that Quebec feels will adapt to living in Quebec and those who are most likely to help economic development in Quebec.

There are 3 types of Quebec business immigration program: the self-employed, the Quebec Entrepreneur and the Quebec Investor.

We have summarized information for both the Quebec Entrepreneur and Quebec Investor programs.

Quebec Entrepreneur

Quebec Entrepreneur Program for business people is designed to attract foreign nationals who are interested in establishing or purchasing a business in Quebec.

To be eligible for this program, applicants must meet the following general requirements:

• Have net assets of at least $300,000 CDN that have been legally obtained.

• Have at least two years’ full-time business management experience in the five years proceeding the date the application is submitted.

• “Business” is defined as a business in agricultural, industrial or commercial activities.

• Intent to live and start/manage the proposed business in Quebec.

You will be assessed against various criteria such as age, training, language skills, experience, your knowledge of Quebec and your ability to carry out the business project.

Quebec Investor

The Quebec Investor program is designed for applicants who have business experience in areas of entrepreneurship, investment or self-employment.

Applicants do not have to start a business in Quebec to be eligible to receive a Quebec Selection Certificate for the Quebec Investor Program. The Quebec Investor program is a direct path to permanent residence.

There is a maximum of 1750 completed applications for the Quebec Investor program that will be accepted between August 31, 2015 and January 31, 2016. On 1750 applications, there is a maximum of 12000 from applicants in China, Hong Kong, and Macao.

It is important to prepare Quebec Investor applications early as the cap is reached quickly each year.

To qualify for this program, the applicant and his/her spouse must have:

• A personal net worth of $1.6 million CDN obtained legally. This includes inheritance received at least six months prior to the submission of the application.

• A minimum of two years of business management experience in legal farming, industrial, commercial or legal (where the applicant had two full-time employees reporting to him/her) and whereas the duties relates to the planning, management and control of financial resources.

• You agree by signature to an investment agreement with one of the Quebec designated Financial Intermediaries (broker or trust company), to invest $800 000 CDN for 5 years (through a government-secured investment). Your investment will be returned to you after the agreed 5 year period.

• Your intention is to settle in Quebec.

• There is no age or language requirements although your age, management experience and language proficiency level will be taken in account.

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